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Multiple trails that total 3.5 miles. The Center offers visitors the opportunity to experience three different ecosystems: hardwood forest, pine-hardwood forest, and pond-swamp. The ponds in the cypress swamp area are the result of beaver dams and a beaver lodge is visible from one of the centers raised boardwalks. Interpretive signs and outdoor classrooms enhance the visitor's experience. In addition to the outstanding natural features of the site, areas of cultural interest include the site of an archaeological survey yielding evidence of a 700-year-old Acolapissa Native American population and the ruins of a clubhouse for the never-finished golf course of Louisiana Governor Richard W. Leche, who went to prison in the sensational scandals of 1939.

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May 8, 2018

I recently ordered a quilt for colder weather and I thought about ordering another one for warmer weather. It seemed fairly easy to make and I have done some DIY projects in the past. After doing a little research, I decided to try and make one myself. This is the result.

Where I bought materials:

Where I learned sewing techniques:

Top quilt design: https://diygearsupply.c...

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