Again, the kind of shoes you wear while hiking will depend a lot on personal preference. This is how I chose the shoes that I wear on almost every hike.

  1. An important factor for me was injury prevention. I've dealt with Plantar Fasciitis for several years and I've tried different shoe insoles along with physical therapy for treatment. Nothing really worked until I discovered "Zero Drop" shoes. Basically, 

  2. Synthetic fabric will help with moisture control and are lightweight. They are also strong so the tend to resit tearing. The drawback is they tend to stink after a while.

  3. Merino wool will keep you dry and help regulate your body temperature. This fabric also will resist odor over several days of hiking. Drawback is they tend to be expensive and not as tear resistant.

Tops - Typically I wear the Kuhl shirt unless its extremely hot. I like the versatility of the button up shirt as I can open it up to cool off and roll up the sleeves.

  • Outdoor Research t-shirt (synthetic) 

  • Outdoor Research long sleeve shirt (synthetic)

  • Kuhl long sleeve button shirt (synthetic) 

  • Smartwool mid weight base layer long sleeve (merino wool)

  • Smartwool t-shirt (merino wool)

Bottoms - I almost always hike in shorts, even in cooler weather. Needs to be pretty cold for me to wear pants. Usually hiking at a decent pace will warm you up quickly! Pants are for trails that aren't well maintained and overgrown with brush.

  • Gap cross training shorts (synthetic)

  • Prana stretch pants (synthetic)

  • Champion mid weight base layer tights (synthetic)

Socks - Only one choice here really. Merino wool!

  • Darn Tough crew micro cushion

Headwear - I normally wear a baseball cap unless its going to cold. I will wear a Buff as a headband when its extremely hot.

  • Baseball cap

  • Buff multifunctional headwear

  • Under Armor Knit beanie 


  • Marmot lightweight

  • North Face water resistant mid weight (snow travel)