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Again, the kind of shoes you wear while hiking will depend a lot on personal preference. Things to consider when choosing the right footwear.

  1. An important factor for me was injury prevention. I've dealt with Plantar Fasciitis for several years and I've tried different shoe insoles along with physical therapy for treatment. Nothing really worked until I discovered "Zero Drop" shoes. Basically, "Zero Drop" just means there is no height difference between the heel and forefoot or No Drop. 

  2. Also, consider the type of terrain you'll be hiking in. If your ankles are prone to twisting and sprains, consider a mid shoe that will offer ankle support if you'll be in rocky conditions. I find that most areas in Louisiana to be suitable for low trail runners instead of boots. 

  3. Water is a fact of life on trails in Louisiana. Unless it's going to be very cold, I don't use waterproof or Gore-tex lined shoes. I find that these waterproof shoes cause my feet to sweat, which negates any benefit since my feet will be wet. The trail runner-type shoes have good ventilation so they will dry quickly when wet. I do wear waterproof shoes in snow.

There are several shoe brands that make "Zero Drop" shoes, my favorite is Altra

  • Altra TIMP (Not the TIMP 3s)

  • Altra Olympus 4

  • Altra Lone Peak Allweather

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