Shelters are basically anything that will protect you from the weather and/or bugs. I have several tents that vary in size and weight. When deciding which shelter is right for you consider the following.

  1. Choose the right shelter for your trip: 

    • What are the camping options? 

    • What is the weather forecasted?

    • What is the bug situation?

    • How many people?

    • Dogs?

  2. Single or Double wall? A single-wall tent basically means that the tent has no removable rain fly. It's all one piece. A double-wall tent has a removable rain fly and a mesh tent body.

  3. Freestanding or non-freestanding? A freestanding tent has stand-alone tent poles and doesn't require guy lines. A nonfreestanding tent uses other things for support. Most common is the trekking pole setup that uses guy lines. 

  4. Tents I use:

    • Gossamer Gear The Two - 2 person - Single Wall - Non-freestanding - 24 oz - Nylon​

    • DIY tent I made 5 years ago. 2 person - Single Wall - Non-freestanding - 19.5 oz - Dyneema / Nylon

    • MSR Hubba NX - 1 person - Double Wall - Freestanding - 39 oz - Nylon

  5. Not much experience with hammocks or tarps so look here for info:​