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Clark Creek Natural Area

The Clark Creek Natural Area is located in southwestern Mississippi, near Woodville. Comprising more than 700 acres, it is highlighted by some 50 waterfalls, ranging in size from 10 to more than 30 feet in height. Creation and protection of this fabulous area came about in 1978. Please be careful when exploring the 5.6 miles of trail this area, as erosion has already affected some of these trails. 


Trailhead and pay station $4 per vehicle

Begin the trail at the Trailhead information kiosk and pay station. The fee is $4 per vehicle and is paid on the honor system. You will need to obtain a car tag showing payment. There is a patrol that will ticket vehicles without a tag showing. 


The trail is rugged and challenging!

There are two trails in this system. One is "Primitive" and the other is "Developed". You can combine both to make a 5.6 mile loop that is rugged and beautiful. 

Quick Stats

Length: 5.6 Miles

Difficulty: Hard

Multiple Trails



Waterfalls and boulder strewn creeks make this trail special

What makes this area so popular is the number of waterfalls along the trail. I counted 8 total if you do the whole loop. There are also several boulder strewn creeks to traverse. Who knew you could boulder-hop in Mississippi?!


Make sure to plan accordingly as the average speed on this trail is one mile per hour. There are also a lot of "false trails" as people like to explore the same areas off trail. I have a trail map and GPS track to make navigation easy. 

Trail Map GPS Track

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