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Tunica Hills WMA Trail A

The Tunica Hills Wildlife Management Area is one of the most unique and challenging hikes you can find in Louisiana. Located just north of St Francisville, this area is full of steep ravines, sandy bayous, and lots of interesting wildlife. Trail A is the longest of the three trails here, and the most challenging due to a section that is not well marked. * I have a printable trail map for the Tunica Hills WMA trail system available on this page. Also use a GPS*

The Trail begins with a nice uphill walk but soon levels off to wide old roadbed. Notice the hill top you are walking on caused by the erosion of the Loess that makes up the soil and leaves the gravel hilltops. This is what give this area it's unique geological features. After a short walk you will drop down into the first of two bayous on the trail.

Quick Stats

Length: 4.6 Miles

Difficulty: Hard


Climb out of this first bayou and you'll pass post A3.This is where you see fewer blazes and are nonexistent at times. Again, please have a GPS and know how to use it with the trail map. This is also where you will see the biggest ravines and even cross a "knife edge" where there are drop-offs on either side of a narrow trail. 

Climb down to the second bayou and take a short walk through the sandy bottom in the dry season. Be careful, there are pockets of quick sand and will give you wet shoes pretty quickly! At post A11 you climb out of the bayou as the blazes return and will stay visible the rest of the way. 

Trail Map / GPS Track

Tunica hills map

Video Guide

Tunica hills video

Tunica Hills WMA Website

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